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The Mount of Olives Lookout

The Mount of Olives is located east of the Old City of Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives Lookout is one of the most popular tourist sites. This is considered the most beautiful observation point of Jerusalem, embodying the essence of the city’s appellation as "Jerusalem of Gold,” with the Temple Mount in all its glory, the Kidron Stream, the City of David, Armon HaNatziv (the High Commissioner’s Residence) and more. The Golden Dome of the Rock, considered by Islam to be the center of the universe, is the most dominant structure. Other key sites in the city that can be identified are the King David Hotel, behind which is the YMCA tower. At the foot of the Lookout is a Jewish cemetery, from which, according to the vision of the End of Days, the dead are supposed to return to life. From the Lookout area, it is possible to visit the churches higher up the mountain or to descend the steep asphalt path towards Gethsemane and the Kidron watercourse. On the way visitors can view interesting graves and enter impressive churches. Many peddlers on the Lookout concourse sell souvenirs and a camel is usually available for a short tour of the square, for a fee.