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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement
We at Eldan Hotel believe in equal opportunities for the entire population and do everything in our power to maintain the dignity and rights of people with disabilities and allow them to stay comfortably in our hotels. We consider all our customers / our website surfers as customers with equal rights, who are entitled to enjoy full access to the company's facilities and services.

Website accessibility
We at the Eldan Hotel made sure to make our most important source of information accessible and it is the company's website - We do our best to allow every surfer to use the company's services in a fully sensitive and equal way when the law is only a basis from which we strive to increase and improve the accessibility of information to our customers, thus also increasing our customer base. On our website, you can use the accessibility module from the company, which allows easy and convenient browsing for all users, including adjusting the font size, highlighting links, blocking animation, adjusting contrast, and more.

Service accessibility and telephone answering
The company's telephone service center operates for the benefit of customers with disabilities and without background music, at a slow pace and in clear language in Hebrew and/or English.
Telephone customer service: +972-2-5679777 for any inquiry and/or question on any subject.
You can contact us not only by phone or through the website, but also through the hotel's e-mail

Hotel accessibility
The hotel has access for guests in a wheelchair - a ramp, an accessible position in the reception which is adapted and accessible in all respects and is even equipped with audio aids for the hard of hearing. There is a balloon-accessible room located on the ground floor and it has a wide entrance threshold, a bathroom and a bathtub with handrails and complementary auxiliary equipment (it should be noted that this room is equipped with a bathtub and not a shower that you can enter with the chair). In the hotel lobby there are public services, including standard services for the disabled.
The lobby, hotel restaurant, reception and disabled room are all on the ground floor without steps or stairs.

Contact regarding accessibility
We will be happy to receive inquiries for information and/or suggestions to improve the browsing experience on our site. You are invited at any time to contact the accessibility coordinator of the company that manages our website, Rami Atlan, who is also the marketing manager and his role as coordinator is to make sure that all the responsibilities in the organization are aware that they are required to be accessible and respond to inquiries on the subject.