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Time Elevator Jerusalem - 10% discount

Eldan Hotel guests enjoy an exclusive benefit with 10% discount on the Time Elevator in Jerusalem.
The Time Elevator in Jerusalem is an attraction in the form of modern, modern audiovisual installations and hobbyists who take the participants on fascinating journeys:

A journey in the time elevator to 3000 years of rich history of the city of Jerusalem.
A journey to the human body that reveals the secrets of the human body and is enabled by the use of a futuristic robot-capsule "info".
A journey in the universe that takes its passengers on a journey through the solar system until the moment of the big bang.
I am Jerusalem - a journey between Jerusalem of the past, present and future in order to give each participant his personal connection to the city of Jerusalem.
The trips take place in a variety of languages.
Opening Hours: Sunday - Thursday between 10: 00-17: 20. Fridays 10: 00-14: 00. Saturday is closed.

To the Time Elevator website - click here

* Advance reservations are required. Each exhibit must have a separate card.
* Allowed entrance from age 5 and up.
* To redeem the benefit, the "Special Discounts Card" must be presented (available to Eldan guests upon check-in).